International geopolitics is such a treacherous territory to monitor; ugly, unfathomable and unpredictable at the same time. It takes an unbearable amount of burden on my tiny brain to read and listen to all these news and analysis that I feel I will have a nervous breakdown. My family does this all the time, ah; I will die of these news drones.

We men are strange beings. There was a time when we, probably, lived in caves along with the softer, fairer, and finer reflection of the species we now know as, err, well, ladies. All we cared about was hunting, raiding, and loving them. Babies abounded. The future of human generations was so secure. Those were such happy, happy times. We were known to other animals on the planet as savages back then. Savages, really.

But with so many children, we did something rather significant; we came down from the caves and started settling in what we called the civilization. Then we decided that it was better to have some people be more equal than others, so we started having these useless, needless, things called governments. These governments wanted more, more power, more authority, more money, so they pushed for more both internally and externally. Internally, they started telling ordinary people how they expected them to live their lives and that they should pay the government for living their lives as they are told. Externally, they launched wars, blood thirsty wars, in which hundreds of thousands of handsome and beautiful people, young men and women, died and were given rewards for their gallantry and sacrifices. And these people, I mean dead people, enjoyed those rewards in their graves happily ever after, while those greedy warmongering psychopaths celebrated glory and power in all the worst possible pompous and obnoxious gloating imaginable. That was civilization!

And well, as nations died, all this was done in the name of national interest and security.

Life has since become so unbelievable, particularly so in the arena of international human interactions. For one thing, now we have a constant pain in the “you know what” called a Super Power; a rude, insolent, ignorant bully. International power-hunger games never made any sense to me at all. It is such a pack of lies, deception, disinformation, cover ups, conspiracy theories, false flags, black swans and all that is ugly and rotten, that it just does not add up.

For example, the Super Power classifies Hezbollah as terrorists and blames Iran for their creation and support, but shakes hands with Iran to kill ISIS. Now for the ISIS, designated as the most dangerous terrorist organization in the world, the Super Power blames Saudi Arabia for its creation, yet calls the Kingdom as their best buddy in the wild, wild, East. How is that for a twist, eh? Such shameless hypocrisy that twists even the most devious of minds. And what makes it exceedingly unbelievable is that we believe them, we prostate to them, and say “O Super Power! We await your mercy and justice; deliver us the ladies, liberty and democracy, so we can have some fun”.

A magazine draws a blasphemous caricature 3 years ago, a country in Europe decides to be less evil to Palestine, and then there it goes, Mosques are burned in Sweden, protests are held against a religion in Germany, and then two brothers, out of the blue, go out in Paris on a killing spree whom nobody knew before they killed a dozen people, and within an hour their whole family tree is known although they covered their faces but they left their IDs in their car – convenient. Then came another march and Paris eerily reminds of Europe under Pope Urban II. La Seine weeps!

Let us forget about a band of “bandits”, that’s just a cover up any way, let us bash a religion. Sshh! It is freedom of expression, stupid!

There are so many other such things going on about international politics, and then people get so emotional, aggressive and abusive about them that half the world is fighting with each other already – and by the looks of what’s happening elsewhere, the other half will be killing each other soon – and what would we have at our hands, the greatest elitist and Zionist turn-on; a World War. No more lovely ladies, no more babies, and no more future. Finally, eternal world peace!

Animal planet sends its love and goodbye to the great race they once called “humans”.