Intellectuals across the world would continue to debate whether modern science is a gift, or a curse. Modern science has brought a magnitude of convenience in life that could not have been imagined a century or two ago. If by convenience, the understanding is that it has reduced distances, travel times, communication difficulties, and has substantially increased ease of doing things and much more, then yes, it has certainly done so. Some would say that science is immoral; it has brought a lot to human species but at the cost of much that was very dear, and essential for human survival, for example the environmental cost of scientific development.

Modern science does not, or at least did not, see morals in terms of consequences that is to say that it is not a consequentialist in its approach. On the one hand, it has provided much convenience and comfort to human life, but on the other it has generated an unprecedented amount of complications for it. A person, no doubt, could not have expected a long life back in the year 1015 C.E., but unlike 2015 C.E., people were not concerned about cholesterol and sugar levels all the time they ate their food.

I think that life might have had its own hardships centuries ago, however, one thing that it did not have was a continuous level of stress that arose from information bombardment by modern medical research. People were true in their relations and friends and lovers alike were not emotionally detached from each other. Modern gadgets, ease of communication, information overload on emotions, relationships, and hormone levels, do not however help human bonds grow stronger, instead the bonds increasingly grow lean and mean.

The pre-modern, and pre-civilization, human being revered human life much more than their civilized and post-modern descendants. The barbaric humans, centuries ago, loved fiercely and fought ferociously, and killed in thousands only in the times of war – and these wars were occasional and costly. The white man’s burden killed the colored and vice versa; the West ravaged the East, and every once in a few centuries the East had given an equal and opposite answer.

Since the war to end all wars, the War has never really stopped, it goes on either in the name of “freedom” and “democracy”, to fight the “menace of terror”, or under the “responsibility to protect”; the white man’s burden continues to ravage East, and I wonder in what manner the East would eventually respond, and whether Zbigniew Brzezinski has contemplated that.

I am not entirely sure in what manner science has been a gift to human life, and whether all these advancements in human reason, intellect, and knowledge, have actually made us a better being. Have I been consulted before I was born, I am not entirely sure I would have picked up the 21st century to die, much less to live and grow old.