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Change and the ‘Self’

This is another of the many Urdu articles I wrote before and after Pakistan National Elections in 2013.

This one, titled Muasharti Tabdeeli Aur Humara Nafs (transliteration: “Societal Change and Our “Self”),¬†was written after the elections on June 7th, 2013, discussing briefly how we want to bring “change” in the country without changing ourselves for the better – which, in my opinion, is our gross national folly.

It discusses how beyond sloganeering we fail to recognize that charity begins at home, we want others to change but for ourselves morality is just another name for convenience.

Societal Change and Our Self by Bilal Khan, June 7, 2013
Muasharti Tabdeeli Aur Humara Nafs by Bilal Khan, June 7, 2013



Bilal Khan

I am a Lahore, Pakistan, based researcher in the fields of Political Science, Public Policy, and Public Administration.
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