How Can We Defeat Terrorism?

The world, no matter the popular political rhetoric, cannot rid itself of the menace of terrorism unless it agrees with a single definition of the term and detaches that interpretation from all types of religious faiths. However, the real world in which we live is not based on idealist rhetoric, but cruel and conflicting self-interests where the hero of one man, group or community is another’s terrorist. In the real world, militias, terrorists, saboteurs, spies, transnational advocacy organisations, the multinationals, the corporate media and the think tanks are mostly no more than mere tools of foreign policy and fourth generation warfare. Pakistanis ask this question today more than ever, how can we defeat terrorism?

The beautiful terms of globalisation, global governance, interdependence and the new social system alternatively used in international relations and the corporate media are just a few of the several faces of the New World Order. The New World Order is an ambition of a few powerful madmen. They have built upon the brutal hypocrisy of the colonial era perpetuating conflicts in client states while transcending their economic, social and political beliefs across national borders in order to achieve a single, hegemonic, super-state. This super-state, or the New World Order, is the logical continuation of the European colonisation of Asia and Africa.

In the today’s world, national identities are a fickle thing, religion has been twisted, and the idea of collective good is contaminated. The concept of state sovereignty is collapsing even in the academic literature of Political Science.

The real world history is not isolated, may it be the global financial system, the creation of the European Union, the perennial manslaughter in the black continent, or the creation of the ‘global Jihad’ boogeyman – they are all interconnected. They are all but pawns on the global chessboard, the manifestations of one dream, the one vision; one world government. Is it a mere coincidence that on one 9/11 the father announces a dream, and on another 9/11 the son is granted the chance to pursue the dream of the Project for New American Century; to fight and win simultaneous multiple war theatres.

Countless will be killed, states after states will be butchered, faiths, beliefs and societies re-engineered, maps will be re-drawn, and conflict after conflict will be initiated till the point the one dream has come true.

In order to defeat the menace of terrorism, it is important that the state disconnects with the global bandwagoning, follow a policy of non-alignment, detaches terrorism from religion, provides equity and equality in the enforcement of law, address real governance issues redressing genuine grievances irrespective of political, religious or economic ideals and builds economic and political alliance of like-minded non-aligned states. The state needs to build foreign policy on these lines and ensure social justice within the country.

It is also imperative that the civil and military junta ensures that political system sustains any possible attempts of disruption, and progressive economic policies are continued irrespective of which denomination of political segmentation comes to power.

The conversion of educational institutes into war trenches is not a solution, at least not a permanent one. The populace needs to be re-assured instead of being led into fits of fear. The practice of maligning religion needs to be stopped because before long our collective faith and spirituality will prove to be our last fortification against those who are dehumanizing humanity out of mindless political and economic greed.

The state needs a vision, a new narrative which is contextual, localised and pure of foreign interference, but before that becomes achievable, economic and political independence needs to be achieved in the true sense of the word. If we do have the courage to do what needs to be done, only then, in real terms, we can defeat the menace of terrorism within our borders.

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