The Charm of Six Digits Salary

Naeem is one of my best team mates. He is meticulous, hardworking, and an extremely dedicated professional albeit his size; so size doesn’t really matter after all I found out after I met him.

He is the kind of follower who leads his leader. Interestingly, we appeared for our current jobs on the same day and were selected for the respective post we applied for, and joined the University on the same day as well. For the first year of our employment with the University, he assisted two different team leaders, both later resigned and went out for a better position and a much better salary. Then came my turn. Our head of department, who is a very strict professional but a polite lady called me one day and told me that Naeem was going to assist me from now on and I will have the additional charge of his portfolio.

But first, let me tell you that Naeem does the most sensitive work in our department of the University – the work which is related to statutory and regulatory compliance which is a very tedious and painstaking work. And he does it single-handedly, even our head of department relies on his meticulous and tedious work.

When I was told that I have this additional responsibility and Naeem will be reporting to me, the first two things which popped up into my mind were; I will be soon resigning from the University, and I will land a six figure job somewhere like my two predecessors, and finally make my father proud who wants me to be rich and successful beyond belief.

As it happens, two years have passed since the day, and I am still there in the University with a salary that eyes the six digits barrier enviously from a far off distance. I haven’t ever been near to the six digits fence but I strongly believe that the grass is definitely greener on the other side.


I figured out that there can only be two explanations; I have a bad influence on Naeem (something that our head of department suspects as well) or Naeem is losing his charm. I also figured out that it is not my fault that I am unable to land a six digits salary, it is Naeem’s failure. He is definitely losing his occult powers, this shouldn’t have taken so long.

I am extremely demotivated.

But, then there is Hassan; the political guru of our department, the kind of guy who is extremely jolly and cordial, and whose friend-list at work include even the top bosses. Everyone is afraid of the immense power and influence Hassan wields. Sometimes, our boss is also scared of Hassan. Hassan is a king-maker with whom everyone wants to have good terms.

Hassan wants to be promoted, and Naeem is the key to his promotion. If Naeem’s charm works right and I resign then someone will be elevated to fill in the seat that I vacate. That someone could definitely be Hassan. I want Naeem’s magic to work, and Hassan wants Naeem’s magic to work too but Naeem continues to disappoint us both.

Hassan is extremely demotivated too.

Hassan is clearly not happy with me. I see him every day. I see him connecting power blocks to throw me out of the window.

I just want to tell him that it’s not my fault Naeem’s magic has waned. But I keep my quiet as I wonder what else is there in life if not the charm of the six digits salary? Hassan wants precisely what I want too, we are both human and we both have needs that mostly go unfulfilled in the current salary and inflation. We are merely the pawns of the cruel social order, not office politics. So, I let it go.

I just wish Naeem’s magic works for both our sakes.


Note: This is a journal entry from my personal daily journal, and this is the first time I have shared something on The Cognitive Backyard from my diary.

I actually wanted to write something in the purview of recent revelations in Panama Papers, something which I once used to theorise as “Controlled Demolition” which I recently came to know that there is already an existing theory called “Controlled Chaos” on the similar lines. If you are interested to read about the theory, google the phrases “Chaos Theory Steven Mann” and “Empire of Chaos Pepe Escobar”.

However, as I am fruitlessly trying to enter the examination mode, and failing, as the end of semester exams are approaching in my ongoing MPhil degree, I decided against writing it. As I unsuccessfully try to study for the exams, you go ahead and read about the Chaos Theory, as Petyr Littlefinger Baelish returns this Friday on HBO, and put the Panama Papers in context. George R. R. Martin clearly had real world motifs.

Game of Thrones – Littlefinger “Chaos Is A Ladder” by curlingleery

There is a reason I am not too excited about the Panama Papers, what else did we expect anyway from our rulers? Not that I sympathise with any of them but these Panama Papers do not make me go nuts and turn the country upside down. There are useful, non-violent and non-disruptive ways to check corrupt rulers.

We must not forget that the Empire of Chaos props and support these corrupt rulers as conveniently as it destroys them in the same way in which it supports dictatorships and autocratic regimes all the while it bombs nations after nations in the name of democracy and liberty. It is all too convenient, fairly a matter of mindless greed and interest, the cost of human lives notwithstanding. It is high time that people of our kind of countries recognise the actual threat to humanity and its future; the Empire of Chaos itself.

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