The Curse of Destiny

He knew his destiny when he was alive, and even in his death

There, on the heavenly crossroads, he stood with his head down as his body trembled, tears and sweat dripped from his face like rainfall. The man in the shadow behind his back nudged him and growled, he looked up to the path that winded uphill towards the light and he saw her standing in the pathway. She was beaming with delight, wearing a white cloak and a white headscarf that glowed like first light. Continue reading “The Curse of Destiny”

Smoking with Epicurus

smoking with Epicurus

As far as smoking is concerned, I “grew up” fairly late compared to my other smoker friends. When I started smoking in the year 2000 my friends were already smokers for years. One of my favourite smoking companions was my elder brother, Usman. In fact, it was from his pack of Benson & Hedges that I smoked my first cigarette. I still miss those nights when we would sit for hours on the terrace or the roof of our house smoking and immersed in endless gibberish.  Continue reading “Smoking with Epicurus”

The Plucked Little Girl

Little Girl

Fazal Din did not like the way Nasir Ali looked at his 6 years old little girl. He knew how men looked at girls; he used to do it once too. But he saw something odd in Nasir Ali’s gaze; there was something peculiar. He thought maybe because his daughter was a child he found that gaze rather odd, but he was hardly convinced. Continue reading “The Plucked Little Girl”

Writing: My Blessing, My Curse

I hate the empty page in front of my eyes, that dreadful blinking cursor, and my empty mind. I thought buying a Macbook Pro will change things, some miracle will happen and words and write-ups will blurt out like rainfall. Continue reading “Writing: My Blessing, My Curse”

Manto the Undead

I have been a fan of Saadat Hasan Manto all my adult life, and just a couple of months ago I have bought the entire collection of Manto’s work from Readings, Lahore, (I had read him earlier in my college days through borrowed books) and started reading him again. I paid a small tribute to Manto’s brilliance later that month which was kindly retweeted by @MantoTheFilm. Continue reading “Manto the Undead”

Happily Never After – Last Part

Note: If you have not read part one of this two parts story – read it here: Happily Never After – Part I Continue reading “Happily Never After – Last Part”

Happily Never After – Part I


He stopped running, breathing heavily, sweat dripping down his face, and threw himself on the ground. A shadow turned around and ran towards him and almost screamed in a melodious, young, worried female voice, “What happened? Are you alright?” He could not say a word in response; he was breathing so heavily, but waved a hand to reassure her that he was alright. Continue reading “Happily Never After – Part I”