After the Prophet

After the Prophet: A Book Review

This is a guest* article; a book review on Lesley Hazleton‘s title “After the Prophet – The Epic Story of the ShiaSunni Split in Islam.

A person looking at the world through red coloured lens would describe the world as red. This would be also the case if another person wears different coloured lens except that the overwhelming colour would be different this time. Continue reading “After the Prophet: A Book Review”

The Freedom in the Veil

This is a guest article.

Five years. It’s been five long years since I hid behind the screen that would forever hide me from the world. One would think I’d get used to it, not the fabric hugging my lips or the wind never reaching my cheeks; those things I got used to by day three. Even the soup always finding its way onto my veil didn’t bother me so much. Continue reading “The Freedom in the Veil”

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