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In Love with a Ghost

A woman in love with a ghost

I always told her she was actually in love with a ghost. She used to laugh crazily, and told me “yes, you are no less than a ghost”.

I told her, “look, it’s true that I care a lot about you, but so many years have passed, we have both changed and so has life, you should now forget that once we almost got romantic.”

But she never listened, she was a very stubborn woman. Continue with reading

Why So Serious?

Someone I greatly respect has told me that I look at things quite pessimistically. It is not the first time I have been told this. In fact, people have told me that my worldview and, consequently, my writings are melancholic. Whenever I write something, I try to outpour on the paper how I actually feel about a particular issue unless I am trying to be objective. Continue with reading

Live Your Dream: A Conversation and A Memory

The beauty about writing, and good writing at that, is that it engages you in a dialogue. It is not inundated with obscure or superfluously complicated vocabulary. A good writing makes you feel immersed with thoughts, and feelings, and the sense of life in it. It is not mere letters or POV phrases, a good piece of writing is conversational. Very few writers and readers are gifted with the ability to engage in that conversation and enjoy the emotional connection. Continue with reading

Manto the Undead

I have been a fan of Saadat Hasan Manto all my adult life, and just a couple of months ago I have bought the entire collection of Manto’s work from Readings, Lahore, (I had read him earlier in my college days through borrowed books) and started reading him again. I paid a small tribute to Manto’s brilliance later that month which was kindly retweeted by @MantoTheFilm. Continue with reading

Tribute to Manto

I have always admired good writers, but some of them have inspired me more than others. One such great pen belonged to Saadat Hasan Manto (1912 – 1955). A lot has been said and written about his writings, and the sheer brilliance he was; a towering figure of the progressive literary movement of the 20th century. I always wanted to write on my views about him, and with a shaky pen I wrote this Urdu piece as a small tribute to this legend of Urdu literature.

Continue with reading

Me, Myself and Inconsistency

I always wanted to tell you how I became what I am, and why I cannot do things that others expect me to. You have always told me that I am a waste of God-gifted talents, and you are the only one who says this to me so nicely, everyone else believes I am a waste of space. You were completely right in your assessment that I was not born this way. I can go on for hours about how and what made me the way I am but I think what really matters is that you know why I have been plagued by inconsistency. Continue with reading

Brilliance and the Captivity of Negativity

I have always been fascinated by brilliant people; I feel inspired by people’s abilities such as intelligence, creativity, knowledge, skills, and leadership qualities.  I find these inspiring people everywhere, in history books, in world news, as well as daily life. I read about them, I see them, and I wonder how these masterpieces of human race do all that great stuff which displays their sheer brilliance. And my respect for their brilliance comes irrespective of their caste, creed, or color, and when I read about them, or watch them, I tend to search patterns related to their personal and professional lives. Continue with reading

Compassion and Humanity

I wonder how so many people walk over this earth without any compassion or humanity in their hearts. How we believe that we are so strong, so powerful, and so clever to be able to do anything. How we treat our fellow beings so unfairly and unkindly, so rude and mean to them, and cheat and lie to them oblivious to our own frailty. Continue with reading

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