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Passions of a Romantic

For a man torn apart between duty and desire, life had never been easy for me. But let me just say this I have never cared much for duty and my life has always been made miserable by desire. I am a passionate man; I am a romantic; a man with more energy and wilfulness of the heart than the ability of his mind to reign in. But my pursuit of passion has always been hindered by the call of duty. Continue reading

Benefits of Returning to Grad School

“I should really be studying” is something I keep telling myself. But, I have observed it is quite easier said than done. At this ripe “young” age, I returned to Grad school to continue my formal education and achieve another academic milestone. However, I was sure that 16 years of formal education have made no effect on me, none whatsoever, and another 2 years degree would make no difference. Continue reading

The Charm of Six Digits Salary

Naeem is one of my best team mates. He is meticulous, hardworking, and an extremely dedicated professional albeit his size; so size doesn’t really matter after all I found out after I met him.

He is the kind of follower who leads his leader. Interestingly, we appeared for our current jobs on the same day and were selected for the respective post we applied for, and joined the University on the same day as well. Continue reading

2 Steps to Become Good Writer

A colleague recently asked, “how can I become good writer?” Writing is precarious and painful was the answer that I wanted to give as I once wrote that writing is both my blessing and my curse, however, I told him instead that writing is as much a science as it is an art.  Continue reading

Rants of a Former Smoker

Almost everyone who knows me thinks that I started smoking right after I stopped using nappies. But that is honestly not the case. I started smoking just a little shy of my 20th birthday. Unlike other lame excuses for smoking like tragedies and stress in personal life and bad company, I had no excuse for starting it. I just started it for no obvious reasons, and I cannot exactly recall the impulse now but I am sure it was something completely stupid. Smoking is like burning both your cash and lungs with your own hands. Continue reading

Confessions and Relationships

I need to make certain confessions before I wear my “intellectual” robes and start making proclamations about human psychology, of which I know absolutely nothing, and about our inept attitudes towards relationships, yet I know you are still going to read me. Continue reading

Eureka! The Road to World Peace

International geopolitics is such a treacherous territory to monitor; ugly, unfathomable and unpredictable at the same time. It takes an unbearable amount of burden on my tiny brain to read and listen to all these news and analysis that I feel I will have a nervous breakdown. My family does this all the time, ah; I will die of these news drones. Continue reading

Carving a Dream Profession

A few days ago I was having a routine chit chat with two closest friends I have. The three of us have so many failures and shattered dreams between us that the usual topic of discussion is causes of our failures in, and possible strategies for, landing a dream profession. We have done odd jobs; jobs that did not suit either our aspirations or qualifications, and all in all the experiences have been as heart breaking as exhausting. The fundamental point of our every such conversation is the question, “how to carve out a dream profession?” Continue reading

On the White Man’s Burden

Intellectuals across the world would continue to debate whether modern science is a gift, or a curse. Modern science has brought a magnitude of convenience in life that could not have been imagined a century or two ago. If by convenience, the understanding is that it has reduced distances, travel times, communication difficulties, and has substantially increased ease of doing things and much more, then yes, it has certainly done so. Some would say that science is immoral; it has brought a lot to human species but at the cost of much that was very dear, and essential for human survival, for example the environmental cost of scientific development. Continue reading

Giants of Human Intellect and Our Failure

I sit there and watch people so profusely display their intellect, talent and knowledge, my jaws drop at the amazingly unbelievable expanse of their mental prowess.

This happens with me all the time; at work, watching movies, and even having a drawing room discussion on Pakistani political and security situation over a nice and cozy cup of tea which is, most of the time, a zero-sum pass time, in fact, a favorite for average minded Pakistanis like myself. Continue reading

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