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Success and Shortcuts in Life

Unlike many of us believe, success is not common; failure is. However, success most of the times comes only by keep trying – by every time learning from our mistakes and trying harder, smarter, and better. Continue reading

NGOs and Challenges for the State


The dawn of 21st century has seen a growing interest in civil society organizations and their potential role in achieving development goals and sharing the burden of governance and public management. These civil society organizations have shaped up in the backdrop of modern concepts such as public accountability, policy advocacy and social and political change, and have also played their role in defining the new paradigms of public administration and global governance. Pakistan has seen a remarkable growth in the number of civil society organizations as well as their scope and role in the public space. This paper lays the foundations of exploring the idea of civil society, its philosophical connection with political liberalism and various challenges it poses as new social and administrative phenomena. The paper argues that NGOs, with their organized mobilization of citizenry for social and political change on the one hand, and while competing for provision of public goods and services due to privatization and contractualism on the other hand, have become a powerful tool of political and administrative control. Continue reading

Change and the ‘Self’

This is another of the many Urdu articles I wrote before and after Pakistan National Elections in 2013.

This one, titled Muasharti Tabdeeli Aur Humara Nafs (transliteration: “Societal Change and Our “Self”), was written after the elections on June 7th, 2013, discussing briefly how we want to bring “change” in the country without changing ourselves for the better – which, in my opinion, is our gross national folly. Continue reading

Carving a Dream Profession

A few days ago I was having a routine chit chat with two closest friends I have. The three of us have so many failures and shattered dreams between us that the usual topic of discussion is causes of our failures in, and possible strategies for, landing a dream profession. We have done odd jobs; jobs that did not suit either our aspirations or qualifications, and all in all the experiences have been as heart breaking as exhausting. The fundamental point of our every such conversation is the question, “how to carve out a dream profession?” Continue reading

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