The Curse of Destiny

He knew his destiny when he was alive, and even in his death

There, on the heavenly crossroads, he stood with his head down as his body trembled, tears and sweat dripped from his face like rainfall. The man in the shadow behind his back nudged him and growled, he looked up to the path that winded uphill towards the light and he saw her standing in the pathway. She was beaming with delight, wearing a white cloak and a white headscarf that glowed like first light. Continue reading “The Curse of Destiny”

Writing: My Blessing, My Curse

I hate the empty page in front of my eyes, that dreadful blinking cursor, and my empty mind. I thought buying a Macbook Pro will change things, some miracle will happen and words and write-ups will blurt out like rainfall. Continue reading “Writing: My Blessing, My Curse”