The Feminist Writer?

feminist view of domestic violence

I have written in one capacity or another ever since I was eight years old. I like to believe I am a good writer; some of my kind friends even exaggerate their appreciation for my writing to make me feel good about it. However, being honest with myself, I know where I stand. I am neither too optimistic nor too pessimistic about my writing skills. I have a realistic view of my potential. But, let me say this at the least that I am not content, I want to do better and I want to do more. Continue reading “The Feminist Writer?”

Rants of a Former Smoker

Almost everyone who knows me thinks that I started smoking right after I stopped using nappies. But that is honestly not the case. I started smoking just a little shy of my 20th birthday. Unlike other lame excuses for smoking like tragedies and stress in personal life and bad company, I had no excuse for starting it. I just started it for no obvious reasons, and I cannot exactly recall the impulse now but I am sure it was something completely stupid. Smoking is like burning both your cash and lungs with your own hands. Continue reading “Rants of a Former Smoker”