Clash of Civilisations: Is It Inevitable?

One of my friends has bipolar disorder. He suffers from it for a long time. There are moments when he is extremely reclusive, and then there are days that he does not want to go home. There are many who consider him a maniac and make fun of him both behind his back as well as in front of him. I find him as a very intelligent man whose ability to express himself is not at par with his mental prowess. Continue reading

Why Germany Should Benefit from Refugees?

In a lecture on Social Research Methods at the University last week, we were discussing the possibility of testing a hypothesis how increased level of education among Pakistani women leads to fewer children per family. Dr. Syed Salman Hassan, our professor for the subject, was pointing out the fact that the hypothesis will naturally stand validated as women who pursue higher education tend to marry late resulting in decreased reproductive period in married life. Continue reading

The Real Horror Is Not War

The image of a Syrian toddler lying dead on a Turkish shore has shocked the world. The innocence screaming in the picture touches even the most self-centered and the selfish. The gruesome reality of the horrors which imperial designs and unceasing wars have unleashed in the Middle East is just beginning to dawn upon the public opinion of the rest of the world. Continue reading